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I draw cartoons and am a top writer on Medium.com, where I wax poetic about the creative arts, minimalism, artful living, and other urgent matters. I create the weekly comic strip "The Life of Art" for Fine Art Views. Oh, and I paint, too. 

Other Artists Say:

"I so enjoy your cartoons. Looking forward to Sundays! - Betty
"You are so talented...and funny!" - Aleta
"Thank you John. Your Life of Art is very funny and so true!" - John 
"Love it! Please keep up the good work. We all can stand a good laugh right now." - Bonnie 
"Love your cartoons!" - Victoria
"John, you know how to touch my soul. Great writing. Thanks." - Joseph
“Hearing from you is like hearing from a dear friend who is sharing yet another insight in this journey we call life. Thank you.” - Susan
“John, I am a new fan of you. I love your story writing , your art and the person you are. You inspire me. I look forward to reading all your stories. Can''t wait for more to enjoy.”- Brenda
“I love your posts! They always strike a chord with what I'm doing or thinking. But you have such an engaging writing style that encapsulates so succinctly, what has been mulling about in my brain's dark regions. Look forward to the next post!” - Janna
“YES!!!..you have the most engaging writing style, John!!!” - Carol
“Beautiful! John Weiss writes eloquently and informatively.” -Meath
“This post wast fantastic and exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for your words.” - David
“This is lovely. Beautiful writing: it took me right back to my childhood. Thank you.” - Ellen
“Your posts, without exception always resonate because of their real life messages and thought provoking content. I look forward to your posts because much of what you write is not just about art, but about life! ” - Mary Ann
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Hi, I'm John P. Weiss (b.1964)
I'm a fine artist working in oils and watercolors. I studied painting extensively with American painter Scott L. Christensen. I favor a limited palette and strive for painterly realism in my work. Read my full bio here. 
I'm the author of An Artful Life- Inspirational Stories and Essays for the Artist in Everyone. I write about the creative arts and better living. Visit reader comments here. 
I'm a former editorial cartoonist, having drawn for several newspapers. I draw the popular Life of Art comic series for Fine Art Views. I'm also a former police chief with nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience. 
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