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Ball (b.1971)
John Ball’s training began with childhood drawings at the kitchen table for his parents. An early love of drawing was followed by grade school art classes in England and Ohio. Later in Florida he earned a degree in commercial art from Pensacola Christian College. Upon graduating, John spent ten years producing art for ABeka Publishing Inc. There, John was able to hone his talent and work along side his teacher and mentor, nationally known artist Brian Jekel.
While working as an illustrator John continued to paint from life and received direction from such nationally known artists as Daniel Gerhartz, and Ralph Oberg. At the same time, his paintings began to be received in exhibitions and galleries around the country.
Because of his training as an illustrator, John is able to draw upon his ability to paint from theory and reference in the studio. However, believing that nothing is better than direct observation, he continuously works from life. John regularly paints from the live model, still life in the studio, and the landscape on location. In this way he sharpens his skills through practice and exploration.
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