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     I am a contemporary painter living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I attended Duquesne University where I graduated with a B.A. in History with a concentration in Art.  The human figure is the main source of  inspiration for me-it's expression through movement and the interaction between people.  Most recently, I have begun an abstracted portrait series.  The human face, with all its intricacies and expressions, is a boundless source of inspiration.  My portraits focus on the imperfect-I don't believe that real beauty is found in perfection; rather, the imperfect is much more interesting.  Music also figures prominently in my work.  Whether it be an actual piece of music or just a song title, it sparks my imagination.  As humans,  visual, auditory, and literary cues can evoke a myriad of feelings and emotions in us and that is what I strive to tap into through my work.

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