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David: The Short Story
I am a Nationally Recognized Painting Workshop Instructor, Contemporary Painter and Author of the book "Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workbook." I am one of the top abstract painting workshop instructors in the United States because I teach students how to focus on Design Fundamentals so they can Loosen-Up and Let Go. My innovative, extremely popular workshops are fast paced, high energy and usually filled to overflowing by students eager to learn a better way to paint.
David: The Long Story
David: The Kid - 1960-1979
I was born in 1960 on the same day as John F. Kennedy, Jr. (believe me that is all we had in common!). I grew up in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I began my art career at about age 4 creating three dimensional objects usually from cardboard and transparent tape. I could always draw well and I was encouraged by a great uncle who purchased for me my first set of colored pencils and my first sketch book - and it was on!
David: College and The Hand Injury - 1979-1985
I developed an interest in architecture in high school and decided I wanted to be an architect. I spent my first year of college at Virginia Tech taking advantage of general course offerings and honing my drawing ability. In 1980 I transferred to the College of Architecture at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte to begin my architectural studies. The following year changed my life forever. I was working on a project in a woodshop and severely injured my right (dominant) hand. At the time no one, including the gifted surgeon who somehow managed to put me back together, knew how I would recover. I missed a month of school and spent a year in physical [...]

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