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And so that is why I paint! I was lucky enough to grow up in a family who loved art and beauty. My earliest memories include gathering armloads of daffodils and lilies of the valley with my mother and playing my child's piano with my father.  \My father was an artist, and he and my mother used their creativity to cook, arrange flowers, create sculptures, and garden. I have a sketchbook in which my father and I each painted versions of Cape Cod lighthouses.      In college I kept my love for the arts alive, while majoring in biology. I married my college sweetheart, Dicken, got a graduate degree in Family Support and Education and had my two dear children, Nina and Ben. I worked with young and new families, families at risk, and adoptive families; directed adoption programs in Vermont, joyfully placing 400 babies and children with parents. And I always painted.Moving to the Pacific Northwest gave me new inspiration. Discovering pastels was a revelation for me! Pastels captivate me with their vibrancy, their spontaneity, and the immediacy of painting with them. I have taken classes from many nationally acclaimed pastel artists. My work has been rewarded by entrance into juried shows, awards, and the sale of many paintings. I am honored to have my framed work hanging in homes from Alaska to Maine to Europe.My paintings are not meant to be replications of scenes I come upon. They are impressions of those moments and expressions of my joy. I keep a small camera with me, and I rarely drive ten miles without stopping to capture a moment of beauty that catches my eye. I want people to gather from my work a sense of calm and awe at even the ordinary sights, to appreciate and honor the land, and to know [...]

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