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One of the most important aspects of drawing and painting is the effect of light. I'm less interested using too many symbols in a storyline that might be connected with the subject than I am about the way light establishes relationships between shapes, values, and colors.  I want to let the viewer determine the story.


Native Californian Aaron Westerberg grew up in San Diego. It was a class in traditional life drawing that drew him to continue his art training. He studied with Jeff Watts and attended the California Art Institute, where he later taught, and expanded his focus to include the works of nineteenth century American and European Masters. Aaron feels a connection to these great painters of form and light. In his paintings, he strives for elegance and timelessness while striking a balance between classic techniques and contemporary subject matter.
His work has been highlighted in national and international publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, Artist’s Magazine and American Art Collector, and has been exhibited in fine art galleries throughout the United States.  Aaron is a Signature member of the California Art Club.
Aaron can be contacted at aaron@aaronwesterberg.com

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