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My landscape paintings start with a composition and color idea. When I am in Joshua Tree National Park, I see the rocks and landscape as an abstraction and spectrum of colors. My camera cannot capture the array of colors and the desert is often too inhospitable to paint on location. In the studio, I use my photos and my memory of the colors to create my landscapes. My underpaintings create the composition and the basic color patterns and with a palette knife I finish the paintings with a rough rocklike texture that replicates the hard edges and textures of the rocks.  I try to convey a tiny slice of the inhospitable beauty of the desert on a canvas.
My figurative artwork starts as a feeling about the sitter I want to convey – strength, isolation, solitude, confidence.  I paint from life on a white canvas background, wet into wet in the alla prima style, often with the underpainting showing though. By painting live models and leaving working lines, I try to capture the constant shifting of a living, breathing body and that moment in time. My work is white on white with white frames so that the figure itself floats on the wall, eliminating points of cultural reference and context. 
I heard that Dali said, when you paint, an angel takes your hand and this is the way I feel about painting and drawing. It seems like something takes over and the painting paints itself. 
I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, now known as California College of the Arts.
Just before graduation she had the opportunity to live in Brussels, Paris, and Frankfurt and spent three years traveling through Europe. I took classes at the school of fine arts in Brussels, and while in Paris, the Louvre became her [...]

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