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Terry Teaters M.A. is a fine arts painter working with oils on canvas.  Over the past 25 years he has gradually merged his many varied interests into a distinct style which reflects a colorful, unique, and very genuine view of the world.

Terry began his artwork in High School but had to shelve it long enough to be in the Navy, work and raise children, and attend 5 years of graduate school. While earning a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, Terry took painting classes and studied art in his spare time.  While in graduate school he took art therapy and fine arts classes with the intention of having a dual career. While still at University he began selling his paintings professionally to interior designers for corporate office buildings.  During post graduate work in Psychodrama at the Innerstages Institute in Houston, Terry still continued his study and practice of painting at the Glassell School of Art. 

When in private practice Terry always kept an easel set up in the room next to his office so he could paint between appointments.  He taught in two universities and facilitated ecstatic dance groups in three different cities.  He eventually stopped seeing therapy clients altogether and became a full time painter, selling his work in various galleries and other venues. 

Terry's work has shown at many different places.  Among them were St. Edwards University, Glassell School of Art, McKnight School of Art, the University of Houston, Ironwood Gallery,  Jewish Cultural Center, the Mankind Project in Houston, and the Austin Lyric Opera.  He has been shown at respected galleries and two of his paintings were used in a Hollywood motion picture.  [...]

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