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I have been drawing since I was a child.  I grew up in a small town in the Catskill Mountains.  I attended a very small Central School.  In the early 1950's education system the term Dyslexia did not exist.  Support for children that had this condition did not exist.  It was a very diffecult  time to have this condition.  Your were labled an underachiever, not very bright, slow or just plain 'stupid'.  The one thing that I had was a talent for art , especially drawing.   I loved everything that had to do with art. Understand, having this condition did not stop me.  I finally mastered reading and I thoroughly loved History.   I loved the Arts as in Chorus and Drama and participated in these activitise with great success.  I was chosen to attend a two week Art Seminar at a local college. It was then that I decided to be an artist.
Because of circumstances I was not able to get the professional training I needed.  It wasn't until many years later after my children had grown I was able to fulfill my ambitions.  I started studying in Junior Colleges and taking classes at the Scottsdale Artist School in Scottsdale Arizona.  I attended as many workshops and seminars as I could. When I moved to colorado I studied at the Denver Artist League.  I also developed a love for photograpy.  
I  worked in the travel industry and took advantage of the travel opportunities it afforded me.  China, Pakistan, Mongolia, Tibet, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Romania are just a few examples.  I took my camera and discreetly photographed the indiginous people living in areas' most people do not see or go too. I loved to travel out into the country side of these countries. Mingling with the indigenous population still living the old [...]

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