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Pastels are my outlet, my sanctuary; my soul comes pouring out into my paintings.  I think of nothing else when I'm painting except making a beautiful place to be.

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Paula Ann Ford was raised in a small town in Upstate New York where the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking.  For a short period, at around the age of ten, Paula picked up a pencil and started drawing scenes from her backyard where she lived.  She never picked up another pencil for 30 years.
Having moved away from the northeast in her 40's, and missing the beautiful landscapes of that area, Paula turned to art in 2000, first studying under Kay Walton of Texas, and then Paul Friske, PSA, also from Texas.  She started painting in acrylics and oils and then in January of 2004 she discovered and fell in love with soft pastels.

Paula has been a Guide in the Pastel Forum of Wetcanvas.com for several years, and has been a featured artist on several websites.  She often gives lectures and teaches workshops all over the southeast.  Recently her painting “In the Spotlight” made the top 15% in the November Bold Brush Competition by Convoo.  You can see Paula's work at www.paulaford.com.

“Pastels are my outlet, my sanctuary; my soul comes pouring out into my paintings. I think of nothing else when painting except making a beautiful place to go.  The places I create are free of fear and harm and are places to sit, dream, contemplate, and smell the fresh air. These places are made for you to lay out a blanket and just daydream the day away, or just walk through with no cares. There is only love in them because love created them. My hope is for you to experience happiness and serenity when viewing my paintings as a beautiful place to be.”

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