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The path I took to become involved in the fine arts was long and maze-like with many incurvations, and it has been a marvelous adventure. I was born in San Francisco, California at a time when the world was mostly at peace with itself. It was a time when I could explore the wonders of a small suburban town and its natural wonders and still enjoy the pleasures of a major city. My small town was Burlingame, twenty miles south of San Francisco, next to the San Francisco Bay and the hills separating the Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Those hills were a joy for a young boy. During the summers, after the spring rains, my young friends and I would explore the creeks and the small canyons. The canyons had been carved from sandstone, soft enough for us to carve relief sculptures in the canyon walls. We never thought we were being creative, just having fun.
Then the world changed.
After an adventure with the military it was time for more education. I studied Landscape Architecture at the University of California in Berkeley California where I also studied art history, sculpture and drawing. Later I did landscape design for the University of California in Los Angeles and then I started a career designing public parks. Over the years I designed fifty seven local parks and ten large regional parks as well as some private residents. When time permitted I was sculpting and sketching.

I took more classes in sculpting. I taught some classes. I worked in clay, stone and in wax, The wax was cast into bronze. I sold small bronze pieces in Los Angeles galleries, and I won awards in the Los Angeles City Art Shows. Then the pathway of my life took another turn. I accepted two major positions, one [...]

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