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J.M. Leotti is an artist who works in watercolor and acrylic paint and polymer clay. She uses watercolor and acrylic paints to paint fairy and fantasy subjects, which she reproduces as greeting cards and prints. She uses polymer clay to sculpt fairy and mermaid dolls, and art dolls. Her work has appeared in American Miniaturist, Dollhouse Miniatures, & Contemporary Doll Collector. Her images are licensed with Heaven & Earth Designs, a cross-stitch company, and she has tubed her art with Creative Design Outlet. In October/November 2008 she had her first one-woman exhibit “Finding Faerie-the Art of JM Leotti” at Zahra’s Studio in Beacon, New York. Her art is occasionally carried in boutiques across the country. She currently sells her work on eBay and to private collectors. She lives in New York, with her husband, Paul Bachem, who is a landscape painter. [...]

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