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                 Raised in the diverse city of Atlanta, Ga, Erin was exposed to many unique people, sights and sounds of this quickly changing southern city. Supported by a creative family she was encouraged to pursue her artistic ideas.  At the age of 19, Erin found her love for painting while struggling with insomnia. She then attended classes at Kennesaw State University and The Art Institute of Atlanta before marriying and  becoming a mother. During this time she continued to explore her love for art.
                 Erin achieved success participating as an artist in the Candler Park and Sugar Hill Arts Festivals. Her work was displayed in professional showings at the Resource Forum, Frog Hollow Photo Studio & Gallery and The Soul Bar. In addition to this, Erin also worked as an artist for Atlanta's Phoenix Galleries where she completed multiple works commissioned by private collectors.
             Continuing her growth as an artist, Erin decided to pursue a career she had been interested in since high school by attending cosmetology school and becoming a professional hairstylist. She currently practices the art of hair design and color along with her career as a painter.
       Color and the human face are huge inspirations for her work. Whether human, animal or imagined creations she uses color to express their emotions. Erin loves exploring all subjects but the human face remains her favorite, and color is what guides her to make them come alive.

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