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Art Marketing Ideas and Straight Talk about Selling Art, Marketing, Inspiration & Fine Living

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What artists say about us:

"We have always tried to incorporate your ideas about adding substantive content on our web site and blog. Recently we sold a $3,000 painting because we had followed your advice. A collector was "Googling" a name that had special significance to him and discovered one of my paintings, whose title happened to include the same name. Because I had visited and painted a place by that name, I was able to sell my painting to this gentleman. This supports your idea that content rather than images attracts more search engine traffic. Thanks for your helpful marketing advice."

Tommy Thompson

"I read your email newsletter 'religiously' because it's by far the best source of relevant information in the industry. Many thanks for taking the time to do this for us artists!"


Wesley Drake

Personally,I dont know what I would have done without fine art views newsletter. the ideas i get here on a daily basis have become panacea to the agony of being an artist in these parts of the world.
I''ve always had the dream  of starting a studio/residency for artists,but each time i think about it and realize the much one has to give up in achieveing this, i get scared.
but thanks to clint, i think the only way to stand out of the crowd and find my voice is to beleive in myself and careless about what the future holds(or what people may think abut the living the comfort zone of a white collar job for the pursuit of dreams)

-muyiwa akinwolere




FineArtViews is a free daily e-newsletter about art marketing by Clint Watson,
former owner of a national art gallery, expert at selling art, and current provider of easy artist websites and art marketing help through FineArtStudioOnline.

FineArtViews provides an eclectic combination of articles about all things art.  From creativity and success tips to artist reviews and art marketing plan ideas that really work, there's something for all artists, collectors and galleries or anyone else who wants to collect or sell art. Example articles might feature website marketing tips, ideas from famous artists, lessons from art history. If you do oil paintings, watercolor paintings, jewelry, bronze sculpture, abstract contemporary art, impressionism, plein air paintings, landscapes, still lifes, or figurative work. It doesn't matter, we'll help you plan your marketing strategy. Everyone is welcome and can learn from FineArtViews!

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