Artist Websites

Senior Software Engineer
Infrastructure Team
San Antonio or Austin, Texas
Full-Time Position
Weekly Hours: 40

At BoldBrush, we know that art can transform lives and make the world a better place. That’s why for over a decade we’ve made it our mission is to inspire the world’s artists, collectors and art lovers by connecting them with each other and with great art. We build websites, apps and marketing tools that the world's leading artists need to succeed. Our goal is to produce art technology that is simple to use, empowering and beautiful. And we back that technology with live support powered by people who are passionate about art and tenacious, ingenious and driven to make every interaction remarkable.

We’re seeking a senior software engineer in the San Antonio or Austin area to help us build out and improve our infrastructure and integration with many 3rd party services and apis.

You’ll work with our product–development team to build new and improve existing infrastructure, build and improve integrations with 3rd party apis with a focus on redundancy and easy failover. You will also spearhead the breakout of critical services into a services or microservices architecture. You’ll be required to be creative in your work. We try to keep meetings to an absolute minimum so you can spend your time focusing on what you love to do.

We allow for flexible hours and remote work options, but you need to be in the San Antonio office on a regular basis. You can have a huge impact on the future of BoldBrush. Our stack includes Linux, NIGIX, Windows Server, SQL Server, PHP, Javascript, Memcached, and some legacy classic asp, all running on geographically distributed servers at AWS, Softlayer, and Rackspace. We also utilize cloud services from AWS and Google Cloud.

BoldBrush is pushing hard in the areas of user-interface design & experience, web-services, and distributed redundancy. We are currently looking for software engineers who are eager to solve some hard problems in these areas. The ideal candidate will be able to work well with minimal supervision and be comfortable with working on various layers of a complex system powering thousands of websites.

As a member of the team, you will be working with other engineers with years of startup experience developing and integrating large-scale backend systems. You will build the engine powering highly interactive web applications that support the dreams of thousands of visual artists. Our work environment is relaxed and highly collaborative. If you see yourself working on interesting problems with us, we'd love to meet you.


  • Write server-side code for web-based applications, create robust high-volume production applications, and develop prototypes quickly. You should also have a strong understanding of, and practical experience with, PHP web application development.
  • Build and maintain platforms and systems infrastructure at the core of FASO.
  • Build internal systems with your domain expertise in customer support, finance and marketing.
  • Collaborate with engineers and designers to deliver strong customer-focused experiences.

Examples of Projects you'd be working on

  • Improve and maintain BoldBrush geographic failover configuration
  • Migrations of services and third party integrations to more robust code structure and server configuration, with failover plans
    Example services and integrations you'd work on:
    DNS Services
    Domains Registration and Transfer APIs
    Transactional Email Services
    Image Uploaders
    Image Processing
    Object Storage Clouds
    Let's Encrypt SSL Api Integration
  • Document and build a playbook of "plays" that we can follow in emergencies to failover and establish drills to practice those plays.
  • Deal with alerts, email notification and needs of vendors and 3rd parties
  • Creation and maintenance of command line tools needed for infrastructure management


  • Deep experience in web applications, distributed systems, performance analysis, network systems, large scale storage systems, and web infrastructure.
  • Extensive programming experience in PHP(strong OO skills preferred).
  • Strong experience in Javascript as a language, knowing its quirks and features.
  • Pragmatic approach to solving complex problems, familiarity with Agile/Lean methodologies.

It's be great if you had
  • Experience with Test Driven Development.
  • Practical knowledge of software engineering. (e.g. KISS, DRY, Clean Code, SoC, design patterns, SOLID).
  • Experience and knowledge with Microsoft technologies (IIS, SQL Server, ASP/VBScript).
  • Continuous Integration.

Tools & Technologies

  • HTML/CSS (Vanilla, Bootstrap, Sass)
  • PHP - Experience with at least framework (e.g. Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Slim, Silex)
  • JavaScript - Experience with one or more JavaScript frameworks or libraries (jQuery, Vue, Angular, React, Ember)
  • Git
  • SQL Server
  • IIS
  • Linux
  • Memcached

Interested in applying for this job?

To apply, please email us at Make sure that you attach a current version of your resume and any other information that you think is relevant to this job opportunity.